Irrational Encounters With The Modern World

Not Everything Should Be Taken Seriously.

I wrote this on my facebook a while ago, but I like it and can’t use it “as is” in my stand-up. So I’m going to post it here and hope you like it.

A lot of the comedy I do, many of the jokes I write, are created quite lazily – I will see something while I’m out walking or whatever, then something will strike me as funny and I derive a joke or absurd scenario from it. That’s where this one came from. I was walking to the bus stop near my home, and a jogger was running towards me. It occurred to me that it would be quite funny to do this, but funnier still to post that I HAD done it, subtly asking for advice.

Can anyone advise me of the etiquette here – if a jogger is running towards you, is it acceptable to deftly sidestep him but extend your arm fully so that you catch him in the chest with a move known as the “clothesline”?
If that is bad form, is it enough to just apologise, should I offer a hand to help him up, or…?
Let me know ASAP please.

The best part is, I got a semi-serious response from a comedian friend, and a completely serious response from somebody else.

I just like the idea, I think it is silly, and absurd, and it amuses me.

Sometimes, that’s enough. 🙂






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