Irrational Encounters With The Modern World

The Answer Is Within Your Reach.

Here is a wee story about five neds I met while walking up the street one night. I live about four miles from the centre of town, and more often than not I walk home – it is a straight road, and comparatively quiet, so it doesn’t phase me.

This particular night, I stopped mid way for a can of juice, calling into my former local shop from when I lived nearer the town. On my way out, and a few doors up, I encountered these five guys coming towards me. They weren’t spread out, like Reservoir Dicks, but nor were they in single file. Just kind of spread thinly along a short stretch of the street.

The first one asked “Got a cigarette big yin? Buy it aff ye furra fiver.”

I Don’t smoke, but if you’ve got a fiver you could try the shop I just came out of. You might even get ten for that.

The fourth guy excused himself and said “Can ye gie’s ten pee?”

No, ask your pal. He’s got a fiver.


That’s one of those conversations I jotted down immediately, a demonstration of when a little common sense and teamwork would pay off…






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