Irrational Encounters With The Modern World

Dubious Claims To Fame – 7 (Continued)

After I wrote about my encounter with magician Paul Daniels in a previous blog, I went online as usual and posted the link to my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

By chance – and, after all, it is chance that has led to most of the stories that comprise the blog entries here – my friend Ross was online at that very moment, for the first time in months. He is a former Young Magician Of The Year, if I remember correctly, and so I linked him to the blog. He read it, enjoyed it, and asked if he could share the link with…Paul Daniels.

I agreed without hesitation, and before I knew it the link had been retweeted by the man himself. More people viewed this blog that day than have before or since – thanks Paul!

Ross had also emailed Paul directly, and forwarded me this reply: “Thank him for me please. I laughed out loud even at the bits that didn’t apply to me. Nice one. PD”

That’s pretty cool, that he read it, reposted the link, and took the time to reply. So now I have an even more dubious claim to fame involving the nation’s one-time favourite magician. 🙂


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