Irrational Encounters With The Modern World

Dubious Claims To fame – 15

A few years ago, I replied to a request for extras to play “The Infected” in a short film that was inspired by, and set in the world of, 28 Days Later.

It looked like fun, and I thought I might make some professional contacts among the crew. As it turned out, I already knew them all anyway. I spent a Sunday morning being made to look bloodied and bruised by trained make-up artists, and then spent the afternoon running along a deserted stretch of road in a rundown industrial estate. It was good fun, and my day was later edited down to about three seconds of screen time, and they weren’t consecutive. Not that that bothers me, I had fun and I looked cool. I even got the train back to Glasgow in full make-up, and got a few strange looks on the journey. For my own amusement, I stopped in at my local shop on the way home and asked if they had any elastoplast.

The film was written and directed by Carter Ferguson, formerly a regular actor on Scottish soap River City and currently a Fight Director for theatre, film and television. I worked on his next short film too, for which I built the set as well as appearing as his monster-of-choice, and I later did a third short in which I lunged at him with a (rubber) baseball bat and was taken out with a sword. Most of my appearances involved a day or two of work, and all were edited down to fleeting glimpses, but that’s the nature of the beast and I’m not complaining.

When Carter and his fellow filmmakers at Ickleflix were looking to promote their short film, I tried to help where I could, and relentlessly spammed everybody on my facebook and twitter feeds, and on myspace and bebo, to give an indication of how long ago it now was. In a moment of inspiration, I got in touch with my once-local newspaper to see if they would plug the film. To my surprise, they arranged to phone me to do a short interview.

I spoke to them for about twenty minutes, and lots of what I said was either curtailed, rephrased, removed, or amended. Nevertheless, despite being full of inaccuracies, they did indeed run a short article about me on their website (as far as I’m aware it didn’t make the printed version). You can read it here.

So that was the first, and so far only, time that my claim to fame actually rests on something that I have achieved or done, rather than merely been party to.

Here is the trailer for The Rage, but it looks like the film has been taken offline for some reason.




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