Irrational Encounters With The Modern World

AudioTwat (My Music)

I have released an album of techno electro industrial rock nonsense, under the pseudonym AudioTwat. Just thirteen years ago, I used the most basic technology known to man, and assembled loads of samples into orders that sounded good to me. It was inspired by bands that it sounds nothing like, because my ambition was far greater than my ability to emulate them. Instead, I made something reasonably unique, I feel.

Unlike my stand-up comedy, if you do not like this creative output then at least we are not in the same room sharing an awkward silence. Tracks can be streamed direct from the Bandcamp page, or downloaded for a small fee. It is unlikely to fund my retirement, but if you enjoy it and want to throw me enough for a beer, that is about the price I am asking.

I am not precious about it, if you do not like the music then I will not be offended – but here you can see that I have written a lot in my life, and I wanted to experiment with a different kind of keyboard. The album title is a play on words, related to a piece of legislation, and called “Unprotected By The Data Deception Act.”

Thank you.

January 2019