Irrational Encounters With The Modern World


Weighting For Praise.

I was on facebook the other day, because I am human and live in the Western world. I’m not proud of the fact, and to be perfectly honest I feel that website has removed something of my soul which may now be lost to me forever. There are many reasons for this, and I would start listing them if I didn’t suspect you are already aware of many of them. That site steals our time and makes us anti-social while pretending to make us more sociable.

As it happens, a picture cropped up in my “news feed” – don’t get me started on that as a term – which another friend had “liked.” It is a picture of Dawn French, famously fat actress, alongside a more recent picture which shows her to have lost a great deal of weight. Whichever method she used to shed the extra pounds, be it hard work or surgery, is largely irrelevant. It was the caption that caught my eye: “Check out Dawn French’s incredible body transformation. Click LIKE if you think she’s done well!”

Right, so her body is undeniably transformed, and she looks better for it. Thing is, her body already underwent one transformation – if you look at footage of her from the early Eighties, when she guested in The Young Ones and appeared in The Comic Strip Presents, she was a normal, everyday size.

It’s weird, man. My friend mentioned this recently, because I lost some weight. Latterly, I also put some weight back on. It takes work and willpower to make the change, that’s a given – nobody ever ate themselves skinny. When you lose a noticeable amount of weight, though, everybody who notices it comments on it, or congratulates you. Very, very few people (aside from maybe a bitchy relative) comment on weight gain.

So, let’s click LIKE on Dawn French’s “incredible body transformation” now she looks a healthy weight. Just don’t acknowledge that other transformation, over the course of the 80s and 90s, when she doubled in size. We don’t mention that.


Here is the photo that prompted this post: