Irrational Encounters With The Modern World

Gigs Attended

A list of most of the gigs I have been to, since the first one in 1998.

19th October Iron Maiden Barrowland Dirty Deeds
28th January Bloodhound Gang Garage Goldfinger
1st February Filter Garage Oleander
21st April Kill II This Cathouse Earthtone9, Linea 77
28th April Pantera Barrowland Powerman 5000, Satyricon
19th June Static X Garage Kittie
21st June Methods of Mayhem Garage  
25th June Bloodhound Gang Barrowland Tung
3rd July Slayer Barrowland Nashville Pussy
16th July Alice Cooper Barrowland Lukan
23rd September Pitchshifter Garage  
15th October Kill II This Cathouse Lostprophets, Brutal Deluxe
18th October Sona Fariq Cathouse (missed them)
19th October(?) Fifth Amendment Cathouse (missed them)
2nd November Iron Maiden SECC Halford
7th November Therapy? Cathouse Raging Speedhorn
16th November Queens of the Stone Age Barrowland Monster Magnet, Snake River Conspiracy
3rd December My Ruin Garage  
6th December Soulfly Garage  
10th December Amen Cathouse Charger
18th December Cradle of Filth Garage Christian Death
20th December One Minute Silence Garage Mudvayne
6th January Iron Maiden Shepherd’s Bush Empire Dirty Deeds
7th January Iron Maiden Dirty Deeds
17th January The Offspring SECC  
19th January Blaze [Bayley] Cathouse (local bands)
23rd January Lostprophets Cathouse Linea 77, OneDice
29th January Raging Speedhorn Cathouse Charger
6th February Pissing Razors ? ?
25th February Sack Trick Hielanman’s Bar Little Miss Strange
3rd March Hed(PE)/ (Planet Earth) Garage  
8th March Brutal Deluxe Cathouse Co-Exist, Exit Wound, Trench
21st March Uriah Heep Garage Nazareth
22nd March Marduk Cathouse Dornenreich
23rd March Disposable Heroes Cathouse (DH – Metallica Tribute)
27th March Madball Cathouse  
29th March Lostprophets Cathouse  
1st April Dimmu Borgir London Astoria Lacuna Coil, In Flames, Susperia, Nevermore
16th April Fear Factory Garage Kill II This
20th April Napalm Death King Tut’s  
28th April Boy Hits Car Cathouse  
18th May Motorhead Barrowland Psycho Squad
21st May Alice Cooper Playhouse Dio, Orange Goblin
28th May Disturbed QMU [Dirty] Harry
30th May Papa Roach Barrowland Alien Ant Farm
7th June Incubus Barrowland  
8th June Tool Barrowland  
10th June Lostprophets Cathouse Rescheduled to 31/8/01
13th June Judas Priest Barrowland  
23rd June Crackout King Tut’s Vex Red
1st July Katatonia Cathouse Gandalf, Akerkocke
9th July Megadeth Barrowland  
15th July Sack Trick Cathouse Berd, Orion, Campus, Soul/9
25th August Marilyn Manson Glasgow Green QotSA, The Cult,
31st August Lostprophets Cathouse Rescheduled from 10/6
10th September Entombed King Tut’s Cathedral
5th December Nile Cathouse Behemoth
9th December Devin Townsend Cathouse Kill II This
20th December Irn MacMaiden Cathouse Hyde, Freeview
26th February Drowning Pool Cathouse  
7th March Magnum Garage  
14th March Number One Son Cathouse Area 54
20th  March Iron Maiden Brixton Academy  
21st March Iron Maiden  
31st March System of a Down Barrowland Dillinger Escape Plan
6th April Adema QMU Soil, Skindred
14th May Rammstein SECC (missed them)
17th May HIM Cathouse  
19th May Broken Oath Cathouse FIRST GIG
2nd June Goma Cathouse  
7th July Devolved Cathouse Broken Oath
31st July American Nightmare King Tut’s Broken Oath
6th August Queen Adreena Barfly  
24th September Pitchshifter Garage The Kennedy Soundtrack
14th October Motorhead Armadillo Anthrax
22nd November Alice Cooper SECC Thunder
4th December Disturbed Barrowland  
9th December Arch Enemy King Tut’s Without Face, Corporation 187
17th December Primal Scream Barrowland  
24th January Broken Oath Strawberry Fields  
7th February Warlocks Barfly Marshan
7th March Anthrax Garage  
18th March Paul Dianno & Killers Barfly (missed them)
19th March Pitchshifter Garage  
26th March Paradise Lost Garage  
3rd May S.P.O.C.K Teviot XPQ-21
5th May Kill II This Cathouse Breed 77
16th May Broken Oath Strawberry Fields Blob
19th May Broken Oath 13th Note  
31st May Iron Maiden Donington Marilyn Manson, Ministry, HIM, Murderdolls, Arch Enemy
2nd June Marilyn Manson Braehead Queen Adreena
28th June Ministry Academy (missed them)
1st July Anthrax Garage Kill II This
5th July Left Hand Element King Tut’s Mendeed, Broken Oath
21st September Kill II This Studio 24 Area 54 and local bands
28th November David Bowie SECC (missed them)
8th December Iron Maiden SECC Funeral For A Friend
16th January Primal Scream Academy  
26th January HIM Barrowland  
10th April,

11th April

Dark City Festival Corn Exchange, Edinburgh VNV Nation, Gothminister, The Mission, XPQ-21, Pride and Fall, Agonoize
17th August Bloodhound Gang Garage  
15th December Laibach QMU (missed them)
16th February Nightwish Academy  
26th March Judas Priest SECC Scorpions (missed them)
30th April Combichrist (Dark City) Teviot Union Rotersand, Scrap EDX,
1st May Icon of Coil ESA, Autoclav1.1
2nd July Combichrist Avalon NYC Glis feat. Manufactura
14th September Mindless Self Indulgence King Tut’s  
27th October KMFDM Cathouse Panic DHH, Pointless Creation
12th November Alice Cooper SECC Twisted Sister
24th November VNV Nation Teviot [SITD]
2nd December The Chemical Brothers SECC (missed them)
3rd December Faithless SECC (missed them)
4th December Combichrist Islington Academy Katscan, XP8, Trauma Pet
17th January Stretch Armstrong King Tut’s Broken Oath
20th January Train of Thought Fury Murrys  
30th March Depeche Mode MEN Arena (missed them)
3rd April Depeche Mode Wembley (missed them)
28th May Combichrist Teviot Dark City Festival, missed all other acts
15th December Iron Maiden SECC Trivium
11th March Combichrist LiquidRoom Reaper, Northborne
12th March Combichrist Electric Ballroom Reaper, Northborne, Kloq
18th March Faithless SECC (missed them)
17th May Jack Bruce RSAMD (student musicians)
4th June Franz Ferdinand Grand Old Opry Bricolage
27th July Broken Oath O’Henrys By My Hands, Departures
13th October Underworld Academy (missed them)
7th November Alice Cooper SECC Motorhead
23rd May Panzer AG The Hive Uberbyte, Novus UK
21st June Zonules of Zinn Pivo Pivo  
1st August Combichrist The Hive Uberbyte,

Ashbury Heights

3rd August Combichrist Electric Ballroom
3rd September Zonules of Zinn Pivo Pivo  
16th September Zonules of Zinn Bloc  
27th September Zonules of Zinn Crow Bar (Paisley)
12th October Zonules of Zinn Box  
19th October Zonules of Zinn Pivo Pivo  
1st November Zonules of Zinn Sleazy’s  
15th November Zonules of Zinn Xscape  
20th December Zonules of Zinn Club Tropicana  
(late) January Zonules of Zinn Drawing Room  
6th February Gary Mullen GRCH  
14th March Zonules of Zinn GRCH (live and unsigned)
2nd April Zonules of Zinn King Tut’s  
17th April Zonules of Zinn Twisted Wheel  
24th April Zonules of Zinn Maggie May’s  
24th May Combichrist Bongo Club Uberbyte,

Aesthetic Perfection

27th May Combichrist Islington Academy
11th June Zonules of Zinn Sleazy’s  
30th June AC/DC Hampden (working for Stagehire)
8th August Zonules of Zinn ABC2  
23rd September Zonules of Zinn Sleazy’s The Red Show
30th October Zonules of Zinn Cosmopol My Own Religion
7th November Combichrist Slimelight Alter Red,

Mechanical Cabaret

13th November Faithless Soundsystem Arches Felix Da Housecat, Steve Aoki
25th November Alice Cooper Armadillo (missed them)
9th December Grendel Classic Grand Uberbyte, System FX
12th December Depeche Mode SECC (missed them)
16th December Zonules of Zinn Box (missed them)
2nd February Rammstein MEN Arena Combichrist
12th February Zonules of Zinn Sleazy’s The Red Show
17th February Nitzer Ebb Classic Grand Je$us Loves Amerika
28th February Blaze Bayley Ivory Blacks Turbyne, Siphon Plane
1st April Zonules of Zinn Box (missed them)
9th May KISS SECC (missed them)
4th June Adrian Edmondson & The Bad Shepherds Classic Grand  
19th July Front Line Assembly Classic Grand Skinjob, Je$us Loves Amerika
20th July Skinny Puppy Classic Grand i!
29th July Combichrist Classic Grand Rabia Sorda, Dismantled
31st July Combichrist Rescue Room, Notts Rabia Sorda, Angelspit(?)
2nd August Combichrist Moho, Manchester Rabia Sorda, Dismantled
4th August Combichrist Electric Ballroom Rabia Sorda, Dismantled
7th August Broken Oath Pivo Pivo By My Hands
19th August Philadelphia Grand Jury King Tuts Majestic Dandelion, Run/Lucky/Free
28th October Leaether Strip Classic Grand System FX
31st October Alice Cooper Roundhouse Camden Zodiac Mindwarp, Jim Rose Circus
14th November Faderhead Classic Grand Uberbyte, Surgyn
20th November Leftfield Barrowland (missed them)
26th November Underworld Barrowland (missed them)
7th December Faithless – CANCELLED SECC  
10th December Rotersand Classic Grand Straftanz
16th December Laibach Classic Grand (no support)
6th February Nachtmahr Classic Grand Uberbyte, Kommand & Kontrol
6th April Caustic Classic Grand The Gothsicles, Surgyn
20th May Tigertailz Cathouse Spit Like This
30th June Combichrist Academy, Manchester Mortiis, Aesthetic Perfection
1st July Combichrist Classic Grand Mortiis, Aesthetic Perfection
3rd July Combichrist Koko, Camden Mortiis, Aesthetic Perfection, System FX, Me
14th July Echo Bass Nice n Sleazy’s Bunny & The Misshapes, Fin Ray
20th July Iron Maiden SECC (Missed them)
23rd July Zonules of Zinn Brunswick Street (Merchant City Festival)
31st July Modulate Classic Grand Je$us Loves America, Surgyn
4th August Vintage Trouble ABC (Missed them)
9th September Covenant Classic Grand Mechanical Cabaret, Deviant UK, Surgyn
25th September Uberbyte Classic Grand Surgyn, The.Invalid
12th October Pop Will Eat Itself Garage (missed them)
13th October Lets Play God Pivo Pivo Bekon, Shapeshift
27th October Cemtex Pivo Pivo Insomniac, Psychotropic System
31st October Alice Cooper Clyde Auditorium New York Dolls
5th November Uberbyte vs. Eisenfunk Corporation, Sheffield Method Cell
11th November The Kazoo Funk Orchestra Classic Grand The Zonules of Zinn
10th December Front 242 Classic Grand Je$us Loves America
19th February The Big Nowhere The Ferry (missed them)
11th March XP8 Classic Grand Surgyn, Analog Angel
11th April Skindred Academy Therapy?
19th April Vulcano Classic Grand Necroriser
25th April The Big Nowhere ABC2 (missed them)
18th May Xavia Stereo Crown Of Storms
26th May SAM 53° Club, Preston (no support, Modulate DJ set afterwards)
26th June Combichrist Arches Jayce Lewis, Surgyn, Xavia
27th June Combichrist Moho, Manchester Jayce Lewis, Surgyn
28th June Combichrist Electric Ballroom Jayce Lewis, Surgyn, (missed opener)
1st July Combichrist Concorde2, Brighton Jayce Lewis, Surgyn, Kommand & Kontrol
12th July Assemblage 23 Classic Grand Analogue Angel, Advance
27th-29th July Summer Darkness Utrecht, Netherlands Combichrist, Suicide Commando, Peter Hook, Aesthetic Perfection, Straftanz, Surgyn, Demanufacturer, Sonar, Nachtmahr, Haujobb, Terrolokaust,
11th August Surgyn Classic Grand Metaltek, Analog Angel, Nightmare Frequency
11th September Angelspit Classic Grand Metaltech, The.Invalid
29th October Modulate Classic Grand Surgyn, Advance
31st October Alice Cooper Usher Hall Ugly Kid Joe, Duff McKagan’s Loaded
9th November Motorhead Academy Anthrax
25th December Darkstorm Festival Chemnitz, Germany Funker Vogt, Covenant, Faderhead, Aesthetic Perfection, Noisuf-X, Rabia Sorda
9th February The Big Nowhere ABC 2 Supporting Cash (Johnny Cash Tribute)
8th July Aesthetic Perfection Classic Grand Surgyn, The.Invalid
23rd July Icon Of Coil Classic Grand  
26th October Gothic Meets Klassik Haus Auensee, Leipzig Combichrist, Oomph!, Funker Vogt, Subway To Sally, Lord Of The Lost
27th October Gothik Meets Klassik Gewandhaus zu Leipzig, Germany Combichrist, Lord of the Lost, Subway To Sally, w/ Orchestra
1st November John Cooper Clarke SWG3 (missed them)
11th November Depeche Mode Hydro (missed them)
16th November Queens of the Stone Age Hydro (missed them)
21st December Combichrist Slimelight Old-School Electro Show w/ Mr Petersen
22nd December Combichrist Classic Grand Old-School Electro Show w/ Elliot Berlin
23rd January Peatbog Faeries ABC 1 (missed them)
15th May The Big Nowhere ABC 2 Supporting Hank Wangford
29th November Tigertailz Ivory Blacks Estrella, Tergazzi
10th December Combichrist 53° Club, Preston William Control
12th December Combichrist Classic Grand William Control
14th December Combichrist Koko William Control
12th March Underworld GRCH (missed them)
31st March Laibach Classic Grand No support
2nd May Public Service Broadcasting ABC (missed them)
30th May The Big Nowhere King Tuts Supporting Polly And The Billets Doux, Jill Brown
16th June FFS (Franz Ferdinand & Sparks) Art School No support
5th August Aesthetic Perfection Audio (missed them)
10th August Combichrist Academy, Islington (missed them)
11th August Combichrist Academy 3, Manchester (missed them)
26th August FFS (Franz Ferdinand & Sparks) Barrowland (missed them)
8th October 3Teeth Audio (missed them)
24th November Maxi Jazz & The E-Type Boys King Tuts No support
25th November Faithless Hydro (missed them)
14th January The Big Nowhere King Tuts Cow Cow Boogie, The Strange Blue Dreams, The Rulers Of The Root
23rd January Peatbog Faeries ABC Radio Cos
8th February Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody Audio (missed them)
21st March Fvnerals Mono Cavalcades, Orphan Works, Boxkite
24th March Underworld Roundhouse


(DJ support)
25th March Underworld
7th April All Hail The Yeti Whisky A Go Go, LA We Are The Riot, Sisters Ov The Blackmoon
8th April Leaether Strip Complex, LA Ludovico Technique, Pure Ground
9th April Combichrist (Old School Show, just Andy) Complex, LA The Witch Was Right (w/ guest Davey Havok)
10th April Youth Code Regent Theater, LA Wreck & Reference, Doses
18th April The Algorithm Audio (missed them)
19th April Butcher Babies Cathouse Sumo Cyco, Splintered Halo
22nd April Splintered Halo Ivory Blacks (missed them)
29th April Big Nowhere King Tuts (missed them)
24th May Mortiis Audio Seraph Sin
16th June Peatbog Faeries Cottiers (no support)
30th June Combichrist ABC2 Filter, Rabia Sorda
1st July Combichrist Marble Factory, Bristol Filter, Rabia Sorda
2nd July Combichrist Corporation, Sheffield Filter, Rabia Sorda
3rd July Combichrist Heaven, London Filter, Rabia Sorda
5th July Eric 13 (Combichrist) Nice N Sleazy Splintered Halo (acoustic)
18th September Mesh Audio Aesthetic Perfection
13th October Youth Code Audio Jesus Loves Amerika
14th October Big Nowhere 13th Note (missed them)
21st October Perturbator Oran Mor (missed them)
28th October Severed Heads Glue Factory (no support)
13th November Kill II This Ivory Blacks Seraph Sin
26th November The Orb SWG3 (no support)
2nd December Placebo Hydro Minor Victories
6th December Jo Callis Hard Rock Café (Human League aftershow party)
7th December Chemical Brothers SECC Slam DJ set
20th January Carpenter Brut St Luke’s (missed them)
26th January Trentemoller SWG3 (missed them)
2nd February Surgyn Audio The Van Dammage
24th February Iszoloscope Audio ESA, Pull Rank
25th February The Big Nowhere Bon Accord (no support)
1st March Blaze Bayley Ivory Blacks Damaj, Midnight Force
10th March Vitalic SWG3 (DJ set)
11th March <PIG> Ivory Blacks Mortiis, Seraph Sin
16th March Devilskin Classic Grand Sumo Cyco, Eva Plays Dead, Splintered Halo
17th March Underworld Alexandra Palace UW as Surreal Carnival Experiment
23rd March Haken ABC2 The Algorithm
24th March Goldfrapp Academy Sparks, Future Islands
26th March Depeche Mode Barrowland Unkle DJ set
29th March Delphi Hug & Pint Five Cousins
1st April Lords Of The Land Festival Barrowland Mayhem, Primordial, Marduk, Venom
12th April The Van Dammage Audio (supporting Das Mortal, Dan Terminus)
13th April Aesthetic Perfection Ivory Blacks William Control
28th April Cubanate St Luke’s Empirion, Kanga
9th May GosT Audio Neoslave, The Van Dammage
11th June Max & Iggor Cavalera Garage (missed them)
14th July Saor Stereo Uir, First Temple of the Atom
23rd July Arnocorps Audio The McFits (Misfits tribute)
2nd August Steve Harris British Lion Classic Grand (missed them)
6th September KMFDM St Luke’s Inertia, Lord Of The Lost
23rd September Vitalic Kelvingrove Museum DJ set
10th October Gary Numan ABC Jayce Lewis
18th October Public Service Broadcasting Barrowland (missed them)
25th October Lords of Acid Baltimore Soundstage Combichrist, Christian Death, En Esch
26th October Lords of Acid NYC Gramercy Theatre Combichrist, Christian Death, En Esch
27th October Lords of Acid Philadelphia Trocadero Combichrist, Christian Death
28th October Lords of Acid Pittsburgh Rex Theatre Combichrist, Christian Death, En Esch
10th November Night Demon Nice N Sleazy’s (missed them)
19th November Alice Cooper (w ACG) Hydro The Mission
5th December Marilyn Manson Academy DJ Amazonica (formerly Dirty Harry)
11th December Ho99o9 Stereo Kate Mo$$
14th December HIM Barrowland (missed them)
15th December Tech Noir Festival Audio Van Dammage, LeBrock, SurgeryHead, Electric Dragon, Alex
18th December The Prodigy Academy (DJ set)
19th December Beasto Blanco Bannerman’s (missed them)
22nd December The Sensational Alex Harvey Experience Avante Garde (no support, tribute act playing a pub)
1st February Das Ich Ivory Blacks Astari Nite, Surgyn, Nightmare Frequency
15th February Nadja Stereo Ommadon
17th February Franz Ferdinand Academy Albert Hammond Jr